6th Energy Technologies is an IoT company with solutions and products for remote management of energy, environment and surveillance using Broadband/cellular networks. Our solutions provide for collection, analysis, alerting, reporting, bill reconciliation,SLA management and mining of energy, environmental and security data from remote telecom towers (BSC, BTS), Telecom Switching Centers (MSC), Industrial locations, distributed smart mini grids, cities and outdoor locations, Enterprise buildings, data centers, off grid and grid-tie renewable energy power stations etc. With a strong inhouse R&D, 6th Energy operates out of Bangalore, India with 200+ people.

Remote monitoring for Business enterprises in the field of  Petroleum & Gas / Power & energy / Banking / Data Centers etc. Our Product and services is covering the operational areas like Monitoring & Surveillance of Production line flow / Power Back up system/ Data center Battery Health monitoring / Critical maintenance for HVAC / DG set with fuel storage, and associated alerts.

Business Critical IoT Company in the space of Energy, Environment, Safety, Security and Surveillance. We cater our products to Telecom, Power / oil & Gas monitoring ,  Data Centers, Banking, OEM's, Retail, Buildings, Smart Cities and any specific technology based customized solutions as per customer requirements.

Sixth Energy Technologies – Energy Solution offering - Current product portfolio of  our battery monitoring system/ UPS & Rectifier status /  Day to day load variation study/ safety environment. We can showcase efficiency at cell level to enhance the life of the Batteries, Controllers and other related sensor based remote monitoring products. Please note, we have use cases of these products in over 14 countries including markets like Myanmar, India, Indonesia, Algeria and Tunisia.

We are End to end solution provider for the utility services as well as specialized services for monitoring vital parameters of your operations at remote locations and convey to your Control room on a designated Portal, The automated portal controlling and gathering your data can be hosted on your existing server. This Portal can generate system alerts at various levels of hierarchy depending on the Time frame and the field of specializations by SMS as well as E-mails. This portal can also generate reports on Automatic mode as per your requirement from the monitored Data gathered in specific period of time.  

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