Double Girder Hosting Groups

ÇANDIROĞLU Crane, conducts its R&D and test activities in a programmed manner in order to ensure the safe operation of its products and to provide the expected service to the customer’s needs.

Crane projects are put into production after being prepared in computer environment with our experienced engineering and expert staff. Our goal is to provide seamless service to our customers.

The crane is designed according to TSE&EN, CE, DIN and FEM standards by considering the working capacity and the environment of the crane. Our manufactured cranes provide efficiency and savings for many years to our customers.

Double Girder Hoisting Groups:

  • Suitable for lifting and transporting of heavy tonnage loads safely. Maximum height can be easily provided with the hoisting unit on the girder.
  • The maintenance platform, which provides ease of maintenance and installation on the crane bridge, is installed on our double girder bridges as standard.
  • More than one hoisting unit can be used on the same bridge or an auxiliary hoisting unit with different characteristics can be installed on the same unit.
  • They are produced between 250 kg – 35 tons as standard but, we also produce over 35 tons upon customer request.


  • Compact lower ceiling design
  • Long life
  • Safe and easy maintenance
  • Hoisting-lowering limit switch
  • Right-left limit switch

Technical features:

  • Gearbox with oil-bath
  • Electro-magnetic disc brake
  • 6×36 wrapped hemp cored steel rope
  • Gearbox material – cementation steel
  • Rope tambour – steel extrusion pipe
  • Hoisting-lowering limits with tour switch
  • Right- left limit switch

Types and Technical Specifications:

hoisting group table
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